Report of China’s innovation increase and research growth in radiation oncology

Hongcheng Zhu, Xi Yang, Qin Qin, Kangqi Bian, Chi Zhang, Jia Liu, Hongyan Cheng, Xinchen Sun


Aims: To investigate the research status of radiation oncology in China through survey of literature in international radiation oncology journals and retrospectively compare the outputs of radiation oncology articles of the three major regions of China—Mainland (ML), Taiwan (TW) and Hong Kong (HK).
Methods: Radiation oncology journals were selected from “oncology” and “radiology, nuclear & medical image” category from Science Citation Index Expand (SCIE). Articles from the ML, TW and HK were retrieved from MEDLINE. The number of total articles, clinical trials, case reports, impact factors (IF), institutions and articles published in each journals were conducted for quantity and quality comparisons.
Results: A total 818 articles from 13 radiation oncology journals were searched, of which 427 are from ML, 259 from TW, and 132 from HK. Ninety-seven clinical trials and 5 case reports are reported in China. Accumulated IF of articles from ML (1,417.11) was much higher than that of TW (1,003.093) and HK (544.711), while the average IF of articles from ML is the lowest.
Conclusions: The total number of articles from China especially ML increased significantly in the last decade. The number of articles published from the ML has exceeded those from TW and HK. However, the quality of articles from TW and HK is better than that from ML.