Differential Diagnosis of Warthin's Tumor Complicated with Lung Adenocarcinoma by 18F- FDG PET/CT Imaging and Radioisotope Scanning with Tc-99m Pertechnetate: A Case Report and Literature Review

Ting-zheng Fang, Jia-rui Zhu, Ling Chuan, Wen-rui Zhao, Ying-kui Liang, Sheng Wang


A seventy eight years old male patient underwent a whole body 18F- FDG PET/CT imaging to diagnose the lesion which was showed in the right lung by a chest X ray test and CT scan before. Besides the intense 18F- FDG uptake of the lesion in the right lung, a lesion in the left parotid gland also showed intense 18F- FDG uptake. To evaluate the pathology of the lesion in the left parotid gland, a parotid gland scintigraphy imaging with Tc-99m pertechnetate was done and revealed a Warthin’s tumor. Later a fine needle aspiration(FNA) confirmed that it was a Warthin’s tumor.