Incidence And Mortality Trend of Cervical Cancer in 11 Cancer Registries of China

Tao Lei, Wei-min Mao, Tong-hai Lei, Li-qiong Dai, Luo Fang, Wan-qing Chen, Si-wei Zhang


Objective: In many countries, the cervical cancer prevalence has declined but less information about the changes is available in China. This study aims to understand the epidemiological characteristics and trend of cervical cancer in China.
Methods: Cervical cancer data of 11 cancer registries during 1988-2002 in China were analyzed. The age and urban/rural differences and trend of cervical cancer incidence and mortality were described and discussed.
Results: During 1988-2002, a total of 6007 incidence cases and 3749 mortality cases of cervical cancer were reported in the 11 cancer registries. The incidence crude rate of cervical cancer was 3.80/100,000 and the world age adjusted rate was 2.78/100,000. In the same period, the mortality crude rate was 2.37/100,000 and the world age adjusted rate was 1.66/100,000. Declined incidence and mortality trends were observed during this period in urban as well as in rural areas. When calculating the rates by age group, we found that the declining trends were only for older women and increasing trends for younger women, especially for women in the rural areas.
Conclusion: The incidence and mortality rates declined during the period of 1988-2002 in China for older women. The younger women showed an increasing trend during the same period, especially for women in rural area.