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Factors Affecting Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Yield from Bone Marrow Aspiration

Authors: Jing Li, Wilfred Hing-Sang Wong, Shing Chan, James Chor-San Chim, Kenneth Man-Chee Cheung, Tsz-Leung Lee, Wing-Yan Au, Shau-Yin Ha, Albert Kwok-Wei Lie, Yu-Lung Lau, Raymond Hin-Suen Liang, Godfrey Chi-Fung Chan


Objective: This study was to investigate the variables in bone marrow harvesting procedure and individual donor factors which can potentially affect the yield of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC).
Methods: We determined the yield of MSC from bone marrow under different clinical conditions by comparing the MSC colony numbers from: (1) donors of different ages; (2) healthy donors and patients with leukemia; (3) bone marrow aspirated at different time points during marrow harvesting; (4) bone marrow harvested by different needles.
Results: During the process of harvesting, the number of MSC significantly decreased with increase number of aspiration, from 675/ml at the initial decreased to 60/ml after 100 ml bone marrow aspirated, and 50/ml after 200 ml bone marrow aspirated. The number of MSC retrieved from leukemia patients (99/ml bone marrow) was significantly lower than that of healthy donors (708/ml bone marrow). However, there was no significant difference in growth rate. There was no significant age-related difference of MSC yielded from donors <55 years. And there was no significant difference in MSC number between the samples from single end-holed needle and those from multiple-side-hole needle.
Conclusion: The optimal bone marrow samples for MSC collection should be obtained earlier in the process of harvesting procedure. Bone marrow from donors <55 years was equally good as MSC sources. The autologous MSC from leukemia patients can be utilized for in-vitro MSC expansion.

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