The Eighth National Gastrointestinal Cancer Academic Congress & The First Sunshine Great Wall Academic Congress of Tumors

Published: 2013-02-21
The Eighth National Gastrointestinal Cancer Academic Congress (The First Sunshine Great Wall Academic Congress of Tumors) sponsored by the Gastric Cancer Association of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association and undertaken by Beijing Cancer Hospital, will be held in the Beijing International Convention Center from June 15 to June 16, 2013. The previous meeting (7th National Gastrointestinal Cancer Academic Congress, was held on Jun 22-24, 2012. This congress is themed on “standardization, transformation and planning”, which is aimed to standardize gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis and treatment, transform research results and make a plan for our future work. The congress will present and discuss the topics of great significance in gastrointestinal cancer treatment in China, probe into standards of gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis and therapies, promote the development of translational medicine, and indicate the future direction of gastrointestinal cancer research. The congress will focus on related academic issues, including parallel sessions of surgical and medical radiation, basic pathology and minimally invasive therapies, etc. Prestigious Chinese gastrointestinal oncologists will make excellent speech on the latest progress of gastrointestinal cancer therapies and hot topics, participate in the discussion section and demonstrate surgical processes during the congress, which includes the progress of surgical procedures, minimally invasive treatment, chemotherapy and medical radiation, comprehensive therapy, fundamental research and imaging of gastrointestinal cancer. This congress is supported by academic journals (Translational Gastrointestinal Cancer,; and Chinese Journal of Cancer Research, and professional website ( The committee sincerely invites our colleagues to take an active part in the congress. 

Corresponding to: Aiwen Wu, Fei Shan, Xin Ji